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Based out of Winnipeg, Ella Steele is realizing her dreams by travelling Canada, the United States, and Europe, training and gaining experience as a tap dancer. She also currently teaches and choreographs at her home studio where she began dancing when she was 2. In 2010 Ella met her mentor Ryan Foley and her tap dance journey truly began. From this point on, Ella danced choreography created by Ryan Foley, was exposed to the Toronto Rhythm Initiative and began travelling to take classes from multiple tap dance artists and musicians. Some highlights include performing as a part of Winnipeg's Pantages Playhouse 100th Year Gala in 2014, being a part of Nicholas Young’s Institute for the Rhythmic Arts in Chicago in 2015, performing in Allison Toffan’s “TRI Explores The Music of Duke Ellington” in 2016, performing in Travis Knights’ “The Cholly Project” in Vancouver in 2016, travelling to Sweden for the Stockholm Tap Festival, and most recently being a part of the Ted Louis Levy Residency Program in the Inaugural Toronto International Tap Dance Festival in 2017. From her experiences in Winnipeg, Toronto, and abroad, Ella’s love for the dance grows more and more. Her search for training, and tap dance adventures has allowed her to learn, share, grow, and connect with tap dance communities all over the world.

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