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A Performer, Choreographer, Instructor and Musician, MacKenzie Greenwell loves every aspect of the art of Tap Dance and is dedicated to pushing boundaries and sharing it as much as he can. Originally from Cochrane, AB but now residing in Toronto, ON MacKenzie has spent the last 6 years steadily establishing himself as one of Canada’s most talented up and coming artists. He has taught from coast to coast in North America, sharing his expertise and choreography at workshops, conventions and everything in-between. In 2010 he was one of twenty-six chosen to represent Canada and Tap as a part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics opening ceremonies that was broadcasted to millions worldwide. It was shortly after that he joined the cast of the internationally acclaimed show Tap Dogs, where from 2011-2013 he had the incredible opportunity to be a part of two North American Tours before departing overseas for a South Africa Tour! Now back in Toronto he is a vibrant member of the Toronto tap scene, which is full of some of Canada’s most talented dancers. He joined the Toronto Rhythm Initiative for two seasons of shows as a choreographer and featured solo artist. In 2014 he had the pleasure of joining his mentor Danny Nielsen for his show Love.Best.Be.Free which was featured at the Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival. 

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