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Ryan Foley has had the opportunity to study and perform with many talented artists over the years. Ryan currently teaches and performs in Toronto with the Toronto Rhythm Initiative, City Dance Corps, the Tap Dance Center and Performing Dance Arts. He has worked with TRI in many live shows since their conception in 2011, featuring music from a wide range of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Prince and many more. In the summer of 2013, Ryan was a featured artist at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival and Internationals as part of the NYC Tap City Festival. Ryan has taught, performed and choreographed for ECTC (Eastern Canadian Tap Conference) and Tapperfest on several occasions. He was an original cast member of Love.Be.Best.Free, a full-length tap show choreographed by Danny Nielsen, which premiered in 2013 in Vancouver. In February 2017, he returned to BC to remount the show for a 6-week tour, which closed with raved reviews. In August of 2014, Ryan guest taught and performed at the Vancouver International Tap Festival. In December 2014, Ryan was one of five featured tap dancers to perform in the very first "Big Band Tap Review," a full-length tap show with an 18-piece big band, "The Toronto Jazz Orchestra," conducted by the director of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Josh Grossman. Ryan returned the following year with “The Big Band Tap Review” under the direction of tony award winner, Ted Louis Levy, from NYC. Ryan has performed in the annual production of "Rhythm and Sound," produced by Cori Giannotta and Johnathan Morin, since its establishment in 2015. In February 2016, Ryan was a featured solo performer in "Putting on the Ritz," hosted by The Art House. This past June, Ryan was a featured performer in both Johnathan Morin and Dianne Montgomery’s opening performances for the first Toronto International Tap dance Festival. This past August Ryan, returned to Boston as a guest teacher and performer at “Tap United,” featuring tap dancers from across the globe. Ryan continues to practice, teach, perform and share his passion for the dance.

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